Andy Lavelle

Marketing Professional


I am a jack of all trades, but a master in none. I have worn every hat there is in both small and large businesses. Sales, Management, I.T. Management, Quality Assurance, Marketing, Customer Service, you name it! Check out my LinkedIn for more info, as this site is just a quick side project for me to basically just own this domain.



I am very good at working, I actually spend most of my week at work! I have become so good at working, that employers pay me to do it.

Using a PC

Much of my work is related to operating and using a PC. Even in my spare time you can usually find me in front of a PC, or mindlessly swiping away on a mobile device that has internet access.

Video Gaming

Is any dude born 1980 and beyond NOT good at video games? I enjoy all games, stuff like Zelda, Smash Bros, Halo, Sports Games, etc! This is unrelated to work, but whatever.


  • HTML
  • Some CSS
  • Not Much Javascript
  • Salesforce
  • MS Office Suite
  • Windows OS of all kinds
  • OSX
  • GitHub
  • AWS


Campus Special/Chegg Deals

Director of Online Operations

October 2013-Now

I keep the food part of site running, and make sure it makes the company money! I also do a thousand other things that I don't feel like listing. In April of 2014, we were bought by Chegg, which is pretty cool!

Campus Special

Online Sales Manager

March 2010-October 2013

I made sure our clients made money by getting students to order from them, I also signed up new restaurants.

Campus Special

Campus Manager

August 2008-March 2010

I was in charge of distributing / marketing our products locally @ EIU.

Campus Special

Account Executive


I built a product from the ground up and helped local businesses bring more students through their door, specifically @ EIU.


Eastern Illinois University - Charleston, Illinois

Dual Major, Marketing and MIS — 3.5 GPA

Andy Lavelle — — (773) - 490-8198